Epitome is a Film Production and Design Studio created by Renico van Wyk and Marcel Swanepoel.


Renico has created films and produced music since a young age. Trained as a sound engineer his skills in digital recording/editing and technological problem solving has driven him to produce high quality content with a love for storytelling.


With a background in architecture and design, Marcel specialized in visual communication and focuses on improving the graphic quality in digital storytelling. Their similar interests and contrasting skill sets would complement each other to enhance the visual capacity and narrative of Epitome.


As creative director, Marcel leads the conceptual direction with writing, directing, producing, photography and design where Renico is in charge of technical operations in editing, direction, VFX, production and cinematography.


Together they believe in the art of creation and the only way to grow the art is through creation.


“Making short films allow us to investigate techniques and apply new knowledge to progress as filmmakers. Short films give us the freedom to explore conceptual ideas and permits us to express ourselves as creatives”.



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